Summer Hairstyles

When it’s hot out, all I want to do is throw my hair into a bun on top of my head. I have a lot of hair and in general, it’s pretty thick. However, I always try to make an effort to switch up my hairstyles. Too many people just stick w/ one basic hairstyle (straight + down or up in a pony). It actually is pretty easy to put some effort into your hair and you will end up getting tons of compliments if you do try something different. Every time I want to cut my hair I am reminded of how many hairstyles I can try with longer hair and so I keep letting it grow! Enjoy these options below and switch up your hair this weekend to see the difference in how you look and feel!

1. Half up into a little bun

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2.  Braid behind the bun: This is so cute! You can get this look below by putting your hair into a bun but leaving out a chunk of hair on the bottom. Then, flip your head over and braid it up to your bun. You can either put a bobby pin in the end of just slip it into your hair tie.




3.  Loose little side braid

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4. Half up into a braid

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5.  Braid wraparound: put your hair into 2 or 3 little braids and pin them up in your head. Gorgeous.

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6. Milkmaid Bun:



7.  Add some flowers:



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Don’t want to use real flowers? Buy these flower bobby pins at Etsy here.

8.  Fishtail braids





9. Bad hair day? Fedora or floppy hat!

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Have an amazing weekend!! I hope it is relaxing and fun.





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