Lean + Mean

Starting yesterday, my family and I have officially started our “Lean + Mean” week. This includes eating very healthy and excercising daily. Since I’ve been home for summer, I’ve been eating more ice cream and working out less due to my hectic work schedule. But, a detox week sounded perfect so I decided to hop on board. Honestly, I truly believe that the best way to workout or go on a diet is with a friend or group of people. That way you can encourage each other and keep each other in line. Plus, my mom is making really healthy dinners this whole week which makes it easier. It is never fun when you’re the only person eating a Lean Cousine. Anyway, below I have some healthy food options and workouts. Maybe you can start your own Lean + Mean week w/ your freinds or your family.


– A whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter + some fruit

-Chobani, fruit, and a healthy muffin (bran, flax seed, etc.)

-A cheese omelet w/ turkey bacon

-Oatmeal w/ fresh strawberries and blueberries

-whole wheat breakfast burrito w/ PB + fruit

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– A whole wheat role w/ cheese, turkey, and ham

-A salad w/ tons of colorful veggies and chicken

-A cup of soup (lentil, chicken noodle, nothing too creamy) + an apple




Mid-Afternoon Snack

-fruit (summer is when fruit is the ripest)

-carrots + humus

-celery sticks + PB

-a cup of popcorn

-a smoothie (berries, yogurt, + a banana =yum.)

-a granola bar (I like the lemon Luna bars or the apricot + almond Kind bars)






– A lean cousine + salad

-salmon + sweet potatoes

-Fish Tacos (w/ whole wheat wraps)

-Stir Fry w/ grilled veggies

-Grilled chicken, corn, + green beans

images supertaster_lean_cuisine_inline2


-raw vegan brownie bites- recipe here.

-a handful of dark chocolate covered almonds

-an apple sliced and covered in cinnamon

-any dessert under or equal to 150 calories (snack-wells has 100 calorie dessert packs)

-Skinny cow ice cream (aka the reason I’m not 400 lbs)





For that infamous thigh gap:



Full-Body Workouts:




Abs + Arms:


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Honestly, with my workouts @ home, I usually run 3 or 4 miles and do about 400 sets of abs. (25 sit ups, 25 second plank, 25 bicycles, etc. until you reach 400.) At the gym, I like to do 2 miles running and 20 min on the elliptical before I do abs. I think that gives me the best results. In the summer, I do try to mix it up w/ hiking, bike riding, and kayaking when I can. Happy Hump Day! Workout, be healthy, and feel good about yourself!





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