This weekend, I was working pretty much non-stop but tons of my friends were at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. Between Bonnaroo, Governor’s Ball, and other music festivals + concerts throughout the summer, I decided it would be good to put together a post filled with Boho outfit inspirations which come in handy for these occasions. I love Boho/festival styles because it gives you the chance to really have fun with your outfits. Hats, flower crowns, feathers, fringe, and everything else is totally encouraged! Check out the outfits below. Even if you don’t have a concert or festival to go to, you can still try out these boho ideas for yourself.

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Another cool thing about dressing a little more boho is that you act and feel more like a free spirit! In my opinion, thats a good thing! And if theres ever a time to really try out bohemian styles, it’s summer! Enjoy your Monday! Hopefully, it’s a good one!!




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