Not Just At The Gym

Today, my mom and I went on an early morning hike and it got me thinking about all the fun alternative workouts that are out there. I’m usually just a treadmill/elliptical kind of girl. But lately, since it’s been so nice out, I’ve been trying to discover other workouts that burn tons of calories but are also really fun. Also. switching up your workouts is a good way to hit other muscles that you normally don’t. Check out the list below and get moving! It is bikini season after all.

1. Hiking: this is one of my favorite activities as I’m sure I’ve talked about before but it is honestly so fun. Plus, I love soaking in some nature on these hikes, too. It kind of feels like you’re in your own little oasis in the forrest and it so peaceful. Plus, the uphill + downhill paths are more challenging than walking on a treadmill.

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2. Kayaking: I ran 2 miles yesterday and for a cool down I kayaked to an island on the river and back. I loved it! It is a good arm and core workout but it is also never boring because you’re always moving. I like to stop and float for a bit because it is so peaceful on the water.

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3. Bike-riding: Since I was a little girl, I have always loved bike riding around town or to the beach. At first, I just bike rode everywhere because I wasn’t old enough to drive but now I bike-ride to workout! I am planning to bike ride this week along the boardwalk and back to my house. It’s about 7 miles but it is worth it and if you work out early enough, it isn’t too hot out yet.


4. Dancing: Have you ever been on a dance floor for an hour at a party or wedding and found yourself sweating bullets? That’s because dancing burns tons of calories. If you don’t have any specific routine, try a zumba class. You can burn up to 1,000 calories and there are tons of routines on youtube.




5. Beach Volleyball: Almost every beach club has volleyball nets set up. All you have to do is stop at an athletic store or dig through your garage for a beach volleyball. Even if you aren’t good at this game, you’ll be running, sweating, diving, and moving around the whole time which makes this game really fun. On vacation’s we play volleyball in the pool and I never want to stop.



6. Hula Hooping: I can’t hula hoop for my life but if you can this is an awesome core workout! Put on a 30 minute show and just let loose! You’ll be working out but you won’t even notice. On average, 30 min will burn 300 calls. Also you can buy this adorable shirt here.


7. Swim: I love swimming. Growing up, I was always a part of swim team. Now that I’m a little older, I try to swim whenever I can. Did you know, swimming in the ocean burns calories? Your constant movement, floating, and diving actually ends up being a mini-workout. But you can take it to the next level by swimming laps or treading water.



8. Paddle Boarding: This is a good workout for your core, lower back, and arms. If you live near the river or ocean like me, this is such an enjoyable workout. You are constantly moving along the water and it is really relaxing yet still a challenge. Plus you can get a tan while you workout!

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That’s it for the workouts today. I want to try to switch up my workouts this summer because going to the gym every other day can get a bit boring. Thanks for checking out these ideas! Enjoy and have fun!




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