Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday! I’m excited because my dad isn’t big on his birthday so this is a day where my family can truly spoil him and make him feel good! Plus, we get to give him gifts. I am a big fan of giving gifts. I spend a lot of time planning out my gifts and I always like them to be a little personalized. If you want a last minute Father’s Day gift, check out some ideas below. Some of these ideas cost next to nothing but they are from the heart and thats what truly matters.

1. I-phone Case/ Accessories: always a good gift because these kinds of gifts are useful but thoughtful at the same time.


Buy this retro i-phone speaker here.



2. Sunnies or Flip Flops: It’s summertime so both of these gifts are perfect. Plus, these Reef Fanning flip flips have beer bottle openers built into the bottom of the shoe! All my guy friends have them and they are seriously so cool. Buy them here.

reef-fanning-flips 28b3d8224c4c4b793450103f238f9630

3. A keychain: a keychain is the perfect gift because it is thoughtful and you get a chance to personalize it a bit. I love the keychain from Etsy here.  You can personalize it with any latitude and longitude location to pinpoint a spot in the world. If you and your dad have a favorite spot to go to, this would be a thoughtful gift. Plus- you could tell him to figure out where the spot is and make him go on Google maps.



4. A movie night gift basket: Get a big popcorn bucket and fill it with your dad’s favorite movies. Plus, you can add in his favorite snacks and some popcorn and tell him to pick any night to have a movie marathon. If your dad is like mine, he is always going on about another “classic” movie to watch so there’s tons to add to the basket.



5. Magazine Subscription: Girls aren’t the only ones who look forward to getting magazines in the mail. I’m not saying to get your dad Vogue or Cosmo for Father’s Day. However, a subscription to a sports magazine might be the perfect solution. If you are willing to spend a little more, you could even splurge on something like the Beer of The Month club which sends it’s subrscibers different beers every month to try.

images      Unknown


6. Last minute pictures: If you are running out of ideas, this one is pretty easy and you can do it in pretty much no time! All you have to do is buy some big letters (AC Moore or Michaels) and pose for 3 pictures. You can even take them on your phone and send them to Walgreens with the i-phone app and wa-la! You just have to pick up your pictures and buy a frame.



7. Personalized Shirt: This DIY here is a really cool and easy way to personalize a comfy shirt or pair of shorts. It would be cute to write an inside joke or quote on the shirt, too. All you need is a shirt, stencils and bleach.





8. Customized beer glass: My dad loves this specific kind of British ale and pretty much drinks it all the time. For his birthday this year, I got him a customized beer mug. He loved it and he drinks out of it all the time. Buy one here.



9. When in doubt, think of your dads favorite thing. If he loves to golf, treat him to a round of golf. If he loves music, buy him a bunch of CDs or a concert ticket to a band he loves! Even if they are nosebleeds, it’s the thought that counts and he’ll love spending time with you. No matter what you give your dad, he will love it- I’m sure!



Have an amazing weekend and a great Father’s Day! Enjoy it! 🙂



P.S. Here’s a pic of me and my dad (if you were wondering).






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