Turn Up The Music

For today’s post, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite music. Music is something that is very special to me. I truly believe that music has the ability to completely change someone’s mood, attitude, and mindset. I have just about every type of song in every genre on my I-tunes. Whether I’m riding the subway or running on the treadmill, my headphones are never far away. Although people always have different tastes in music, I wanted to share my own music loves today. I really dug into my I-tunes to find the best music in different genres! Enjoy!

Alabama Shakes: This band is kind of rock with an old southern vibe. The lead singer sounds like Janice Joplin but overall their sound is really unique.


The Arctic Monkeys: This English rock band is becoming pretty popular lately! I love their song Do I Wanna Know? and Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

ArcticMonkey-BRITs2014600     arctic-monkeys-am-cover


Bon Iver: Bon Iver is just too amazing. He has very slow songs but the lyrics and the melodies are so intricate. My favorite song in the world is Holocene by Bon Iver. At first, I just liked the melody but little by little I researched the lyrics and meaning of the song and now it has such importance to me.

9ad2b0f58e02c9296c483d91d39941f7     Holocene+jag211580

Ed Sheeran: I am very in love with Ed Sheeran and his music entirely. I saw him twice in concert and I plan to see him again in London. His music is so different and he is the singer/songwriter behind it all. Give Me Love is the best song on his album +, and his new album comes out June 23rd!!!!


Ellie Goulding: Ellie has a really cool style of music. It is kind of techno, alternative, + pop all at the same time. Her songs are amazing for working out.

cbed7ba2712e99bd3e6f9849ce12f588        f74f6dd2aa8ea182613edd4ccdea609f

Iggy Azaela: She is my new favorite. Her songs are really cool and kind of remind me of Miley Cyrus combined with Nicky Minaj if that makes sense. She is an amazing rapper and her music video for Fancy is inspired by the movie Clueless. Watch it here.



Katy Perry: I am a typical girl for loving Katy Perry so much but I can’t help it. I’m actually going to see her in concert on my birthday! Her new album is a lot of fun but obviously my favorite song on the album is called Birthday.

prism       katy-perry-billboard-cover-story-ryan-mcginley-650-430

Kings of Leon: This rock band definitely has southern roots. The band is actually a group of cousins/brothers from Tennessee. You probably know their song Sex On Fire. But they have so many others that never became popular. I love Beautiful War and Wait For Me off their new album.

Kings of Leon   images

Lana Del Ray: She’s awesome. Her music is so retro but somehow still so modern. I don’t really know how to describe her music but it is very different. My favorite songs of hers are National Anthem and Young and Beautiful from the Great Gatsby soundtrack.


Ray LaMontague: Ray has such an amazing voice. His music is kinda folk/alternative but I love that about him. My favorite song is You Are The Best Thing. It instantly will make you happy.

Unknown  tumblr_m6acdqckAV1rwa1t5o1_1280


Taylor Swift: Again, I know I am a typical girl for loving Taylor but I do. I’ve been to all of her tours and I have every album. Her music relates to pretty much every girl situation when it comes to boys and I can’t fight my love for her. Also, I just noticed that the amount of T.S. songs on my I-tunes is appalling.


That’s pretty much all the music I can think of today. If you discovered any new music or artists through this blog post, then I am glad. I tried to add some unique bands to this list. (I didn’t add Beyonce because I figured there is no one left who doesn’t know/love her.) Feel free to tell me your favorite music too! Happy Thursday!



P.S. Some really unique, amazing but pretty much unknown songs I love are I Wanna Go by Summer Heart, Blood by The Middle East, Blue Moon by Beck, and Between The Bars by Elliot Smith. Enjoy! xo




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