Summer Party Style

I love summer parties! There is nothing better than a good drink, good music, and good friends on a summer night. Plus, when the weather is nice, it is so lovely to spend the whole night outside laughing, talking, and dancing. I’ve been going to a few summer parties lately but the appropriate attire is always changing. For casual parties with friends, I’ll wear shorts and a cute shirt but for weddings and graduation parties, dresses and heels all the way.

Below, I’ve made a list of some casual outfit ideas for parties or events that eventually lead to more fancy ones. The best thing about a summer outfit is that you can always add fun bursts of color and neon! Plus, I’ve been trying out bright pink and peach lipsticks to parties and it’s been a big hit. Enjoy the looks below and enjoy the parities!

Beers in the backyard or a night at the fair:







^ Dress and Bandeau from Brandy Melville.

Concerts or Festivals:

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Shopping Day w/ friends in the city:




Family Dinners:


A Friends Birthday Brunch:








Dinner Parties:

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When in doubt of a dress code for a particular party/event, go with a maxi dress and sandals but bring wedges. Wait in your car for a bit and check out what people are wearing who are arriving at the party. If everyone else looks fancy, I swap my sandals for wedges and quickly add a bright lipstick or chunky earrings in the car and wa-la ! Instantly, I’m more glam.

My summer staples this season are high waisted jean shorts. I got mine @ Urban Outfitters. Check them out here.  Also, I am loving sheer tops, bandeaus, white dresses and all white outfits, wedges, and floral pants. The trend I really want to try out is the flower crown.  I am thinking it would be good for my birthday party. Have a good Tuesday everyone!!




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