Take A Deep Breath

Hi guys. Sorry about the late blog post! I was having some internet troubles today. Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. It was really warm in NJ so I got to spend some time at the beach, vegging out, and tanning which was lovely! Unfortunately, every weekend has to end and the hustle of the week has to start. Weekdays can be stressful. Between work, get-togethers, dinners, errands and everything else- life can get a little overwhelming.

The summer is a great time to try to take a beat from your everyday routine and focus on what helps you relax, de-stress, and in general what makes you happier. I try to have something to look forward to everyday. This way, even the most boring work or school days have a silver lining. Below is a list I made of what helps me relax after a long day. Also there are some healthy tips in there. So take a look and take it easy!

1. Take a bike ride after dinner: I do this all the time now and it is great. It makes me feel better about the meal I just ate and it’s a good way to enjoy the warm summer nights. If I’m not doing this, I try to walk my dogs. I hate feeling stuffed and bloated after a meal so this always helps.


2. Get a new TV show obsession: It gets a little boring every night after dinner just aimlessly flipping through channels. So, find a TV show to binge watch. We recently got Apple TV at my house, so I’ve been going on Netflix and binge watching Orange is the New Black. Realizing you can indulge in a new episode after dinner is such a treat.

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3. Do Yoga or Meditate: Whenever I have free time, I like to workout. But if I am feeling really stressed out and I want to relax and reflect, I do some yoga. Just 30 minutes or so can make a huge difference. You’ll spend the rest of the day feeling gratitude and you’ll be super calm and focused. Below are a few moves to get you started.





4. Look forward to an amazing dinner: Whether it’s making dinner by yourself or meeting some friends, dinner should be something to always look forward to. When you know you’re leaving work to eat a delicious meal, work isn’t so bad.


5. Turn up the music: Music is proven to help boost moods and help people de-stress. Make a driving playlist and play it on your way to work, school, or while doing errands. It can be super energetic or relaxing as long as it makes you happy!



6. Bubble Bath time: grab a magazine or a good book on the weekend and during the week treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath. Taking an hour to relax in a bath is truly amazing. I sometimes open a window and light some candles. It’s the perfect way to end a day.


7. Take a short hike: Tell a friend to meet you at a park after work or school and hike for a little. Then maybe grab some dinner. I am a new fan of hiking lately and it is so much fun! It is a great way to burn calories. Plus, it is so peaceful and relaxing. During my hikes, I feel isolated in the best way possible.20140609-142704-52024405.jpg

8. Bake: To some people, baking is a chore. But to other people (including me) baking is soothing and a lot of fun. If you are in the mood- bake muffins or scones after dinner and you’ll have them saved for the next morning for an easy breakfast!


9. Be spontaneous: Not everyday has to be the same. If your routine seems a little monotonous- switch it up! Plan a picnic for dinner or eat breakfast for dinner. It’s also fun to try to experiment with different types of food. Make Mexican food one night or Indian food to spice things up and learn about a new culture.



10. Jump in: Go for a sunset kayak or late night jump in the pool. I live near the ocean, so sometimes at 5 or 6, I’ll go to the ocean for a 10-20 min swim. It is time to take advantage of what summer has to offer.


I hope you guys enjoyed these tips! Everyday doesn’t have to be work-dinner-tv-bed. Life is meant to be lived. I try to never be bored and always switch up my routine. Especially in the summer, there is just so much to do to make your day fun!




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