With Sprinkles, Please.

Ask any of my friends or family, my favorite dessert will always be ice cream. I don’t know what it is about ice cream, but it is definitely my guilty pleasure. Down here on the Jersey Shore, the best place to go for ice cream in the summer is Strollo’s Lighthouse Italian Ice. It is amazing! They sell the best soft served ice cream and lemon ice. They are only open in the summertime and I wait all year long for their grand re-opening.

Plus, the Lighthouse I go to is only a short walk away from the beach so it is the perfect treat at the end of a beach day. Even though there is often a long line, it is always worth the wait.  Lighthouse has locations in Long Branch, Point Pleasant, and Red Bank. Click here for the exact addresses. If you’re by the Jersey Shore, check it out!




If you don’t live along the Jersey Shore, below are some other awesome summer dessert ideas. In my opinion, is totally okay to indulge once in a while. And when you indulge- you gotta do it right.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Smores


Dessert Quesadillas


Frozen Smores Bars


Fruit Pizza 

(pizza dough, whipped cream or cheese cream frosting, + fruit)


Waffle Ice Cream Sammies



Gluten Free Nutella Crepes

Recipe here.


Key Lime Magic Cake Bars

Recipe here.


Dig in + enjoy your Wednesday! Treat  yourself to a delicious dessert tonight!









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