Summer To-Do List

Now that summer is finally here, I put together a list of what I want to do in NJ this summer. New Jersey is awesome in the summer because it has a little bit of everything. There’s the beach and the boardwalks, but theres also woods, campgrounds, and amusement parks. My summer to-do list is all about taking advantage of the summer as much as possible before it slips away. I feel like the summer always goes by too fast and I don’t want it to be Autumn without me having a little bit of fun first. Check out my to-do list and feel free to make your own!

1. Camping: I have never been camping, which seems a little pathetic. I slept in a cabin once but I hardly think that counts. I want to have a really authentic campout (tents and all) and I’ve even convinced a few of my friends that this is a good idea. Plus, NJ has a lot of options for camp sites. Check it out here. 



2. Create a movie or documentary: This is something I did on a vacation this year and it turned out great. You can do this by bringing a video camera to the beach or even to a cookout, you can capture some amazing moments and have the memories of the summer forever. It’s even better if you film for a few days and edit the video together with music.


3. Go To the Horse Races: I live near a race track and it is so fun to go and dress up and gamble on a few horse races. It used to be very popular back in the day and I kind of love the vintage feel of it. Plus, I’ll take any occasion I can to dress up. (Also- Kate + Will go to the races therefore so should you).

Horse-Racing---Seniors-Da-006 william-kate.300cf0604

4. Go To Great Adventure: Six Flags Great Adventure is an amusement park less than an hour away from my house in NJ and I really want to go back this summer. They have a water park too for extra hot summer days. My favorite ride out of everything is Kingda Ka. It is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. If you’re a thrill seeker, it is a must.


5. Skydive: So, I guess I am a bit of a daredevil but for my birthday this summer I really want to look into skydiving. It has always been on my bucket list. What could be better than flying through a cloud?


6. Boat Sleepover: Every once and a while, during the summer, I sleep on my boat and it’s pretty cool. We have a bed in the cabin below and it would be awesome to take a few friends onto the river and have a huge sleepover. The next day we could tube and go swimming/fishing.

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7. Go To the Fair: The fair is always so much fun. From the fried Oreos to the cute ferris wheel rides, it is so picturesque. Plus, theres always a small chance you’ll find your Noah (The Notebook, guys) at the summer fair.


TheNotebook-photo_10_hires copy

Now I’m off to make a to-do list, and possibly watch The Notebook. Have a good Tuesday, everyone!



P.S. Check out more ideas below.




4 thoughts on “Summer To-Do List

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  2. This post made my Monday morning a little bit better! I would love to do all these things in one summer (maybe minus the skydiving). Thanks for the inspiration to solidify our plans to go camping!

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