What can I say? I am obsessed with good food. Especially because, while I am at school, the food they serve in the cafeteria isn’t exactly gourmet. Throughout the past two weeks, I’ve been obsessed with healthy food, especially fruit. I have also been making smoothies and cooking dinner for my family. I have always known how to bake but I am trying out all new recipes this summer. My new philosophy is happy + healthy. Take a look below and dig in!


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^ Steak, spinach, + provolone quesadilla





^ frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and then any type of nuts




^ lettuce bowls with beans, lentils, sour cream, and grilled chicken ! yum


^ Walnut- mushroom veggie burgers. Recipe here. 


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Recipe for this easy, healthy strawberry frozen yogurt here. 

Enjoy these goodies! Another good thing about summer is that it is always warm out. This makes for easy runs, walks, bike rides, and other activities to burn some extra calories here and there. I try to go on a walk after dinner with my dogs some nights and other nights I try to bike ride or kayak. Stay Healthy!





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