Summer Movie Night

Movies are just the best. I am a Film and Screen Studies major, after all. To me, there is nothing better than watching a movie after a long day especially during the week. The monotonous work/eat/sleep routine can get a little boring. So, I try to spice things up by having movie nights with people in my family. My dad loves scary movies, my mom loves dramas, and my sister likes classics. I love all types so I created a list of the best summer movies for each genre. If you haven’t seen some of them, make it a point to watch all of them by the end of the summer. Have a good Wednesday!

– Family- 

Finding Nemo, Aquamarine, The Parent Trap, + Sandlot

3encode_Aquamarine2006 finding-nemo-turtle



Weekend At Bernie’s, Dirty Dancing, + The Graduate

c036404df4da19bd26587d65b4d9fd77 a480b6994334a7023508e6a68ca41401



Wet Hot American Summer + National Lampoon’s Vacation



Taking Woodstock + The Endless Summer

taking_woodstock01 28efaabd25b70c54da3e4df0c3cee6c9


I Know What You Did Last Summer, Jaws, + Friday The 13th





The Way, Way Back + The Great Gatsby




The Notebook, Safe Haven, + 500 Days of Summer (I’m kind of cheating here)

safecb2 2004-the-notebook-003


-Personal Favorite-

Blue Crush



Hope you guys give these movies a try if you haven’t seen them! They are all truly great. Although, I saw Jaws when I was 5 and have had a huge fear of sharks ever since. I haven’t been able to re-watch Jaws yet. Even the music alone sometimes gives me chills. It’s silly, I know. This summer I may just conquer my fear.







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