Summer Shortcut

During the summer, I love that everyone is tanner, somehow more relaxed, and just happier. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when its 80 and sunny vs. 40 and windy. I personally love to get away and relax at the beach. There are so many amazing perks the summer gives me. My hair gets blonder, my skin gets tanner and clearer, and I feel so relaxed. However, I work 5 days a week inside. If you’re like me and can’t make it to the beach all the time, here are some shortcuts to still make you look like a summer goddess. Check out my tips below!

1. Beachy Waves: Whenever I go to the beach, the salt water in the air makes my hair gorgeous and wavy. Sometimes, even after I get out of the ocean my hair dries in gorgeous curls. I love what the salt water does to my hair. But to replicate these waves you can do one of two things. You can buy the Moroccan Sea Salt Spray here or you can make your own. See the ingredients below.



2. A glowing tan: I have the ability to get really tan in the summer but can’t always spend my days laying out by the ocean or pool. So, whenever I want to look a little extra tan I use my Victoria Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray. It’s amazing. It’s kind of a shimmering oil but it works wonders. I use it on my arms and legs to give me an extra glow. (Plus wear bright/neon clothes to make you look tanner)



3.  Highlights: My hair always gets super blonde in the summer which I love because let’s face it, it’s fun to be reaaaaallllly blonde sometimes. You can use lemon juice or Sun-In to get highlights. By putting either in your hair and sitting out in the sun for a few hours, your hair will lighten. Whenever I do this, I am afraid I never apply it evenly, so I now I just let the sun air dry my hair during the summer. I try to do this as much as possible. It is easy enough. You could shower in the morning then take your dog for a walk or jump in the pool after work and just wait until your hair dries to go back inside. The sun will dramatically lighten your hair this way and by wearing your hair in different styles while it is wet, you can get the sun to hit all areas.

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4. Fake a sunburn:My mom taught me this trick after a vacation once when I had lost my tan but had to go back to school. You put your makeup on regularly, add more bronzer than usual to look sun kissed. Then, take rouge or a really bright blush and with your finger, smear the blush on your cheek bones an on your nose especially. Then, take the brush and blush and blend some more in to really make you look like you’re burnt. Adding to this effect, I wipe the excess blush on my forehead, chin, neck, and chest.



5. Dewy Makeup: Ever notice how in the summer everyone has a glow to them? It’s sweat. I know that sounds gross. But running around in the heat makes you a little flushed and the sweat makes your face glisten in a good way. To create this dewy look, use High Beam from Sephora. It’s a highlighter that you can dot on your face to create this look. Before using this, I also mix my liquid foundation with my moisturizer. It really makes a difference.

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6. Take Advantage of the Summer: Don’t forget to take in everything summer has to offer. I will still be cramming in as many summer activities as I can despite my work schedule. I will be getting ice cream, jet skiing, crabbing, swimming in the ocean, going on boat rides, making smores, and much more as often as I can.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. This summer is going to be great and I am going to soak up as much of it as I possibly can! I hope you all had a good Memorial Day! Back to work tomorrow.






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