Seasons Accessories

This season, the best accessories have caught my eye. From delicate and dainty stacks of jewelry to sophisticated hats and headbands. I put together a list of my favorite accessories. I am hoping to pick up some teeny tiny gold rings soon. Stacking them during the summer is such a chic look. Another thing I love are the new metallic temporary tattoos making an appearance on all the latest magazines and blogs.

I found the rings at Forever 21 here. They’re only $5! And I found the tattoos there too. Click here to check them out.  Also, take a look at my list of accessories! I hope it inspires you to add some new peices to your wardrobe. Above all TGIF! I hope you all have a happy memorial day weekend! Let the summer begin!

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^ Check out this cool starfish ear cuff from Etsy here.


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I loved all of these accessories, especially the bright bracelets and the fedora Miranda Kerr was sporting. I am just excited to be wearing these types of clothes. I am kinda sick of pants and sweaters! Happy Friday, everyone!






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