Summer Collage!

It has been pretty warm lately in NJ and I am so thrilled that summer is right around the corner. I cannot wait until it really is in full swing. Because I am so happy about the upcoming season, I went on Pinterest and found tons of pictures that reminded me of the soon-to-be summer. These pics show summer trends, food, and upcoming movies/CD’s that I cannot wait for! I hope you guys are as excited about the summer as I am.

Have a good Thursday! Hopefully it is relaxing and enjoyable! Everyday is a gift 🙂

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^ Recipe to make these ice pops here. 

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^ My favorite book (The Fault In Our Stars)  is becoming a movie on June 6th and one of my favorite artists (Ed Sheeran) is coming out with a new album June 23rd!! I can hardly wait. This summer is going to be amazing, I can feel it.



P.S. What are you excited about this summer?



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