Shh! My Show Is On.

Some would say I am obsessed with TV shows and to a certain point- I am. There is nothing better than finding a TV show to obsess over and binge watch. I like all kinds of TV shows but the most important thing is that the characters, as well as the storyline, captivates me. I put together a list of my top 10 favorite shows. #1 is my favorite show. Take a look and I urge you to get unhealthily invested in these shows like I have.

10.  New Girl: funny, quirky, + silly.


9. Parks & Recreation: funny, enjoyable, + I love amy poehler


8. Gossip Girl: glamorous, dramatic, + addictive (currently re-watching the seasons)



7. Girls: hysterical, realistic, + interesting



6. Downton Abbey: intelligent, witty, + historical

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5. Real World: ridiculous, stupid, + entertaining


4. Pretty Little Liars: suspenseful, spooky, + envious of their style/clothes

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3. Revenge: dramatic, shocking, + glamorous


2. Friends: laugh out loud funny, familiar, + never gets old


1. Game of Thrones: dramatic, beautiful scenery, + war


What is your favorite TV shows? If you don’t have any at the moment, see which one of these seems like the best fit and give it a try! Happy watching!






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