These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Happy Monday! I know Mondays are awful and everything but I try to look at Mondays as a fresh start to the week, full of potential. To make this Monday a little less glum, I’ve decided to put together a list of my favorite things. Life is all about getting excited about little things. It’s a person picking up my pen or a great song coming on the radio that make me happy. There are so many things to be thankful for and this list is my top 8 favorite things. These little loves make up who I am.

1. The Beach: Especially in the summer, it is the best place in the world.. There is something so familiar and wonderful about the lull of the waves and the warm sand in between my toes. I usually end up laying on my towel, being lazy, and soaking up as much sun as possible. Paradise.

IMG_20712. Ice Cream & Macaroons: Everyone has something they indulge in and for me, it is ice cream and macaroons. There is nothing better than devouring a good ice cream cone. Every lick to me is pure bliss. And macaroons- a favorite of mine that I rarely indulge in. Macaroons tend to be pretty pricey so I only let myself have them every now and then but they are the best. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookie monster (vanilla with cookie dough and oreos) and my favorite macaroon flavor is raspberry. Mmm!

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3. Peonies: I don’t know why but flowers make me especially happy. I love walking along the sidewalk in NYC and seeing fresh peonies lined outside of flower shops. It always makes me smile. Peonies are gorgeous and I hope I carry them in my wedding bouquet one day.


4. My dogs: I love when I am home because I love cuddling and playing with my dogs. My dog Sandy and I have a particular bond. I know its corny but she is such a little angel. She is always giving me unconditional love. I think humans should be more like that.


5. Old Movies: There is something  so classic and wonderful about curling up and watching an old black and white movie. Everything back then was so dramatic and elegant. Plus, I could watch Audrey Hepburn for hours and hours.


5.  Coffee: I know that it’s slightly concerning that coffee is on my top 8 favorite little things list but oh well. I enjoy my morning cup of coffee every single day. I relish each sip. It is a time in the morning when I block everything else out. I don’t know what humans did before coffee, I just don’t.


6. Baking: I love to bake and whenever I get the time, I bake a little treat for my family. My newest achievement was making vanilla soufflés with chocolate on the bottom. I want to try a raspberry rose soufflé next. The recipe for this delicious goodie is here. 



7. Laughing: I try to have fun any time I can and it helps when you hangout with people that make you laugh. It is something that I think is the most important part of life. I mean sometimes, you’ve just got to be really silly.


8.  Adventures: Whether its going to the movies on a weeknight or road tripping to California, everyday you should have something to look forward to. Everyday should be filled with something that makes you happy and if you find your life is boring- go on an adventure and make life fun again.




P.S. What are your favorite things?



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