D.I.Y. Projects

About a year ago, I discovered that I love Do-It-Yourself projects. It is so much fun to do a project on your own from start to finish and it is so rewarding. In my dorm room at school, there were a few DIY projects of mine hanging on my wall. I got so many compliments on projects that people thought I bought at stores. It gave me so much pleasure when I got to tell them that I made them myself!

A lot of people shy away from DIY projects because they seem very complicated. And sometimes they can be. However, I know my limits. I would never attempt to make a mason jar chandelier but I would attempt to make my own bookends. I often go on Pinterest to find easy and beautiful DIY’s. It’s become something that my best friend, Cat, and I love to do together. Finding the projects and completing them brings us so much joy. I’ve compiled a list of easy DIY’s below. Give them a look! They all can be done, no matter how creative you are. And the end result will be worth it- I promise.

1. Memory Lane: This DIY is so easy and fun. All you do is sew a trip on a map. I made this for my mom for mothers day and framed it. I sewed a trail from New Jersey to London because she will be making a few trips to see me while I’m living there next fall. I love how these end up looking.



2. Mason Jar Vase: I did this project about a year ago and I loved it. It is incredibly easy. I bought a mason jar and some fake flowers at AC Moore and then I painted the mason jar and let it dry. I like how this example has an extra layer of sparkles. This makes a perfect accent in any room.


Also– here’s the same idea but with plastic, honey containers instead of mason jars. I think these are really cute.


3. Bookends: This DIY is great! You just buy wooden letters at any craft store, paint them whatever color you want, and glue them together. I like this idea because you can make any word you want. I thought it would be nice to make bookends that say “read.”




4. Chalkboard Wine Glasses: This DIY is so clever and it would make a great hostess gift. All you do is buy cheap wine glasses and chalkboard paint. Then, you just dip your wine glasses in the paint and let them dry. Its so smart because people are always getting their drinks confused at parties!


5. Picture Coasters: I don’t know why but I always have loved coasters. I am a very neat person so maybe that’s why but anyway, I think this project is really cool. To transfer your photos onto coasters you need printed out pictures, plain coasters, mod podge, and clear acrylic gloss spray. You print out your photos, then put the pics on the coasters and smear the mod podge all over and finally, spray the coasters with the acrylic spray to make them waterproof. A detailed description  of the project is here. These would also make great housewarming or birthday presents.


I hope you guys liked my DIY ideas. Over the summer I plan to do tons of them. I don’t know why but to me crafting is really fun and very relaxing. It is always nice to be able to create something unique and handmade.  Plus, it is a good creative outlet. I hope this inspired you to show off your DIY abilities, too. Have a great Friday! I’ll be unpacking all day in New Jersey! TGIF!!



P.S. For 31 more DIY ideas, check out this buzzfeed article. 



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