Nailed It

I love doing my nails or getting them done. It is such a girly thing to do but it is such a nice way to unwind. Usually, about once a week, I put on a TV show I love and I do my nails.  I especially love how  nail polish can become an unexpected accessory in any outfit. For me, the fall and winter is about dark purples and navies but in the spring and summer I love pinks, neons, and white.

Below is a list of spring and summer nail polish trends to try and some not-too-difficult nail art. I definitely want to stock up on fun colors for this summer. It always makes your day just a little bit brighter every time you see your nails. Enjoy the list!  I hope it gives you some nail inspiration.

1. Light + Bright: Light pinks and whites are so pretty especially when you get a tan. The first particular color below is called Fiji by Essie and it’s great. I think it looks really good on toes, too. Light pinks and whites also go with just about any outfit so you can’t go wrong.fbaf06e01f4000715da83b870ca94d1a


2. Bold + Neon: Summer is for bright colors and I love that. Everywhere you go you see tons of color when it comes to outfits, makeup, and nail polish. I really love the way bright reds and pinks look especially. It is something everyone can pull off,no matter what age.



3. Fun: although blue, yellow, and green colors may not be too practical, it is always fun to experiment with polish. And in the summer its way more acceptable to have some not-so-normal colors on your fingers. When I want something different, I always go for turquoise polish.




4. Artsy: Nail Art isn’t impossible and it often looks really cool. A lot of people can back away from nail art because they don’t want to mess up. But the way I see it is: it’s just nail polish. If it looks bad you can always remove it. Below are some easy yet do-able nail art looks.


Light pink polish + a bobby pin + gold nail polish– You can dip the bobby into the polish and then dot your nails. Plus, a top coat + that’s it!


White polish + gold sparkly eyeshadow– Brush the eyeshadow on your dry nail and then put a clear coat on. Ta-da!



This one is a tiny bit tricky. You need to tape the sides of your nails to get a triangle and then wait until the polish dries to rip the tape off. Then top coat it. This is really cool if you have the patience for it.


That’s it for today! I hope you guys liked the post. In case you’re wondering, my nails are bare right now. So I am now very inspired to do my nails. Have a good Tuesday everyone!!





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