Spring Makeup Trends

I love makeup so much. It all started when my grandma brought me to a Bobbi Brown counter when I was in 8th grade. I was hooked. I loved learning about different types of makeup and ways you could use makeup to change your entire look. I have to admit, today makeup gives me a lot of confidence and even if I’m just running out to grab a bagel, I don’t go outside without at least a  swipe of mascara.  My favorite places to buy makeup are Bobbi Brown and Sephora. However, I think Mac has great lipsticks.

This spring, I’ve gone on Pinterest to find a lot of great makeup trends for spring. Fresh faces and bright lip colors are definitely in. And although I love my dark lipsticks, I think I’m going to have to put them away until the fall.  Below, I’ve put together some easy spring makeup ideas to try

– Fresh Faced: Minimal makeup is in and I love it. I hate when I see beautiful girls with tons and tons of  makeup on. It doesn’t look natural. I like this look for a Saturday or Sunday when you’re just relaxing or hanging out with friends.  Get this look by adding mascara, lip gloss, and tons of blush and bronzer. It’s okay to pretend you are tanner than you actually are.

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– Bright Lips: This is one of my favorite spring trends! I have a bright pink lipstick that I wear all the time. It always adds a little pop of color to my face and it is cute and unexpected. Because I’m a college girl on a  budget, I picked up my lipstick and a similar lip-liner at CVS for about $10 a few weeks ago.  Here’s a Tip: when you go with a bold lip, go easy on the eyes.


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– Pastels: Pastels aren’t just a spring trend for clothes. It’s a makeup trend, too. By adding light colored eyeshadows and light pink lips, you can create a kind of cotton candy look and it is really pretty.

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– Contouring: Last but definitely not least. When I discovered contouring, I found I could legitimately change my entire face. Contouring allows you to truly highlight the best parts of your face and accentuate your features. Here are two pics to help guide you. Try it out and see the difference. (Don’t forget to blend it in really well).

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That’s it for the makeup trends. If you don’t know what trend to go for, go buy yourself a bright lipstick. Pair it with a crop top or cool shirt in the same color and see how many compliments you get! The best part about this trend is that you can definitely keep the bright lipsticks around all summer. I hope you are all having a good Friday!



P.S. I won’t be blogging on the weekends so I’ll see you all Monday! Have a fun weekend! xx



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