Arthur Ave, BX.

When you think of delicious Italian food, you probably think of Little Italy. However, the Bronx has a kind of hidden gem for Italian food and it’s Arthur Avenue. Arthur Ave was truly the first Little Italy. It is where real Italian restaurants first popped up in NYC and it is where many of them still remain today. I often go to the Bronx to visit my sister, Steph, who goes to Fordham. She discovered the delicious Arthur Ave restaurants and has been taking my family there ever since.

There are some amazing delicatessens there where you can pick up fresh mozzarella and prosciutto. There are also some great bakeries that sell homemade bread and you can smell the bread baking from a block away. If you’re in the city and willing to venture out to Arthur Ave, I would say it is definitely worth it. Here’s the best places to go:

1. Beer Hall: Beer Hall is the place to go for a drink before or after dinner. They have beers from local breweries. During the day, Beer Hall is sort of a market with gourmet italian delis and freshly picked fruit. But at night the shops close down and the bar opens. It’s really enjoyable and it has such cool atmosphere. Plus, on Saturdays there is karaoke nights. After a few beers it becomes the most fun you’ll ever have.


2.  Zero Otto Nove: I ate here last night with my family and it was so cool! The restaurant itself looked like an alleyway in Italy and the food was very authentic Italian cuisine. Everything was a little unique and so delicious. For dessert, we ordered a cannoli and I pretty much ate the entire thing.



3. Palumbos: After dinner, if you want to go to an authentic Italian bakery, you’ll head to Palumbo’s. It is the best place for fresh cannoli’s, tiramisu, pastries, and delicious cookies. I always try to stop by whenever I’m in the Bronx.


4. Pizza Joints: Pizza in the Bronx might be the best pizza ever. The best places for pizza during the day are John’s Pizza and Full Moon Pizza. But at night, you can go to Pugsley Pizza. I usually go really late at night (about 2 AM) after we’ve gone to some bars and it is the perfect late-night snack. Everyone inside is usually drunk but it’s so fun and probably some of the best pizza I’ve literally ever tasted.


Really, it is best if you just go and explore Arthur Ave on your own. There are about 50 other amazing Italian restaurants and overall, the experience of walking around and taking in the old school Italian vibes is really great. If you want to make a day out of it, head to the Bronx during the day to see the Bronx Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, or Edgar Allen Poe’s house (There’s tours). The Bronx has some amazing spots! Enjoy!




P.S. Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here! Also, put together a huge list of restaurants, bakeries, markets, and shops on Arthur Ave so if you are interested in checking out more click here.






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