Monday Motivation

It’s Monday. Monday’s are a bit of a downer, I get it. The fun and relaxation of the week is over and you have to get back to work/school. It’s tempting to just brush your hair, leave it down and call it a day. But on Mondays, to give myself a little extra confidence, I spend some more time in the morning on my hair. When you style your hair differently, you tend to feel better all day.

I personally have long, thick dirty blonde hair. The easiest thing in the world for me to do is to just put it into a bun. But lately, I have been trying to find easy hairstyles that also look chic. Some of these hairstyles look complicated but they’re not at all! I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hairstyles that I love and that anyone can accomplish.

1. Below is a very easy and cute hairstyle. It probably takes the quickest amount of time. All you do is grab a thick front piece of hair and twirl it tightly, then pin it back with a hair clip. Then, you do the other side + add it into the same clip. Ta-da! So easy.



2.This hairstyle is such a classic and so cute. You can straighten your hair for this pony or leave it natural. All you do is braid the side of your head (hold the braid upwards as you do this to avoid bumps) and then grab a ponytail holder and tie the braid into a pony. Tease your hair slightly to create more volume.


3. This hairstyle below is an all time favorite of mine and super easy. All you do is make a regular ponytail, pull the ponytail down so you have enough space to create a tiny hole in your hair between the pony and your head. Then flip the pony tail through the hole you made and pull down. You’ll have this look below.


4. Ok- although I’m trying to stay away from buns, messy top knots can be a very cute look for any occasion. Create this look by making a twisted bun on the top of your head and then pulling on it a lot! It will get bigger and messier the more you pull. Also pull on the sides of your head so little strands will fall around your face. (this is from fashion blogger Cara Loren).



5. Add a sparkly headband. Adding this unique touch is a very easy way to spice up any outfit or hairstyle. Headbands that look like they could be necklaces are very trendy right now. I love the first headband that blogger Julia Engel chose. The best place to buy these is Urban Outfitters. The other headband below can be found  here on Etsy.90e4171390ad8eed7cb002feeefbbddb b22bf87d555d243f97e955ff15b8243e


I hope you liked these ideas! Switching up your hairstyles can be fun and easy. Right now these are my top favorite looks to try this week. Happy Monday!






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